Memory Care Assisted Living

Celebrate yesterday’s accomplishments. Recognize today’s milestones. Focus on every tomorrow.

A clear difference in assisted living memory care.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and memory loss due to illness or injury is quickly becoming one of the most defining diseases of aging. As the awareness of memory care continues to grow, the need for specialized environments, individualized programs and exceptional service will be greater. Now, there is a new perspective on memory support that offers this focused approach - a decidedly different and clear choice – the first and only of its kind in greater Knoxville – Clarity Pointe. A brand-new assisted living community dedicated solely to enriching the lives of those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and memory loss. Read more about the one and only Clarity Pointe Knoxville.

A clear difference in lifestyle and programming.

Clarity Pointe Knoxville features an ideal residential setting in quiet and upscale Farragut, Tennessee, but it is much more than simply a place to live.  It celebrates each resident’s life by acknowledging and building upon his or her individual, unique background.  

HarborWay™, Clarity Pointe’s signature approach to lifestyle and programming is based on the premise that one’s daily activities represent who we are.   While many with dementia still have the energy and desire to pursue these daily activities, they often lack the ability to organize, initiate and successfully complete them.  HarborWay™ recognizes that in order to restore purpose and meaning, support must come from knowing each person’s life journey.  LifeBio™, an intuitive web-based system helps to capture these unique “stories” by illuminating past experiences through reminiscence and active engagement. 

A clear difference in support for, and involvement with families.

When you care for someone who no longer remembers, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Today, many caregivers, particularly women are carrying too much on their shoulders: work, family, home life and the responsibility of caring for a family member facing the challenges of memory loss. And, while the desire to improve work-life balance is high, too often, the logistical toll and emotional toil one must face in such a circumstance is paralyzing. With Clarity Pointe Knoxville, you have a place to turn. Discover for yourself.

A clear difference in memory care leadership.

Clarity Pointe Knoxville has an exclusive consulting relationship with well-respected and renowned neurologist, Dr. John H. Dougherty, Jr., who will act as the Advisory Physician conferring on programming and resident health. Learn more about the unique advantages of this medical advisory relationship.

Memory care development and management.

Clarity Pointe Knoxville is managed by CRSA, an LCS Company. Read more about these proven leaders in senior living.